Getting Started

If you had the following information handy that could make the beginning process smoother; but, if you can’t answer all the questions we will help you figure that out:

  1.  Website or Landing Page URL that you would like traffic sent to?
  2. Daily budget?
  3. The market you are targeting and the location of that market?
  4. Attach Images/Videos which can be used in Ads?
  5. Access Login of your Facebook Ad Account & Facebook Page?
  6. The Weekly goals you want to achieve with Facebook ads?
  7. What is your Weekly budget for Facebook ads?
  8. Please list your top three competitors?
  9. Your name and contact email?

However, again, if you don’t have all the above info that’s okay, we’ll help you figure all the above out. Having the information handy only makes it that we’ll become successful that much quicker.

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