Advertising on LinkedIn

Get Linked In with LinkedIn

Okay, that’s corny, we know. Bad puns aside, you can increase your reach with other business professionals by advertising on Linkedin. Advertising on Linkedin allows you boost your business, improve your brand’s visibility, get your content and product to the masses, and be seen by over 300 million business professionals. However, what’s even more exciting, is that you will be able to target your audience, and therefore, connect with all the right people.

Why Should You Advertise On LinkedIn?

Audience Targeting:

Linkedin offers very detailed options to streamline your service or products to the crowd while targeting your perfect buying audience. What that means is, your ads will be sure to generate quality leads. Additionally, while advertising on LinkedIn, you can specify the company size, industry, and job title of the people that you desire to view your display ads!

Affordable Daily Budget:

If you have a big appetite and higher advertisement goals, you can always rebalance your
campaigns and ads. All you need is a minimum
amount of $2. If you consider the benefits of
such a low cost of entry, there’s virtually no ad
campaign that isn’t affordable.

There are a Variety of Ad Options:

Nine various types of LinkedIn ads differ in positioning, shape, and purpose; meaning, the expectations of each of these ad options also vary. Since we have a diverse range of ad types to work with, we can enjoy unique adaptability and creativity for what you aspire to advertise.

Share Capital:

This social network currently boasts of over 380 million business professionals. So, each time you run an ad on the platform, you can be sure that millions of business professionals are
viewing it.

How We Work

As a team, we specialize in generating quality ads for growing businesses. We run such ads on leading social networks, and in doing so, give these businesses the visibility that they desire. LinkedIn is one such leading social networks, and as a team, we know how this platform works. Rest assured, we create quality ads to grow your business while staying within your budget. You can also note that you won’t incur any high charges or go over the set budget.

Here’s What We Offer:

Audience targeting. We make sure your ads are seen by the right people in the right places. After all, there are no “cents” in advertising to the wrong crowd, after all.

Also, we understand that the LinkedIn auction system rewards ads with impressive engagement. Therefore, we continually review the results of your business ads to ensure that the engagement generated is, indeed, impressive.

To get the best results, we will engage the most suitable ad format, whether it is either text ads, content, or both. Depending on what you offer, text ads or otherwise may get the job done better. We will always do what we think is best for us both to succeed.

Last, but certainly not least, we efficiently self-service and manage your campaigns. We are NOT here to “set it and forget it” as other ad agencies may do. We will manage and watch over your ad campaign like a new parent.

We help you effectively set your budget and bid. Something to take note of, even if you are rolling in the big bucks, there’s little reason to start with a big budget. We will scale appropriately, by doing so, this will prevent us from scaling too quickly. Also, this will allow us to capitalize once we find a winner more efficiently.

In light of what we do, and our successes recorded so far, you can go ahead to contact us. We will be excited to work with you to grow your product and business.